Football Drill Demonstration


Objective: Midfield units to remain compact & narrow out of possession and defend from the front to predict / dictate play.


  • Mark out a 30 x 15 area with 3 equal thirds.
  • 11 players required for practice (can easily increase / decrease numbers dependant).
  • 2 x 3 v 1 - both end thirds and 3 midfield players in central area.
  • 3 v 1 possession based game with the object to play 'through' the midfield third to opposite third.
  • All players are locked in to begin with.
  • Coach the midfield unit of 3 and manage the other players.
  • Remain compact & narrow when out of possession to stop opposition playing through.
  • Angles, distances & depth.
  • Slide & screen in relation to where the ball moves.
  • Speed, timing, angle & position.
  • Use font player (in the 3v1) to dictate play so you can increase success of where you want the ball to go.

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