Football Drill Demonstration


7 v 7

Each team has a player positioned in a box diagonally opposite from each other

To score a point the team must get the ball from one of the diagonal boxes to the other.

To ensure the point each player who receives the ball in the box must control the ball and dribble out of the box.  Also, they must be replaced by a team mate otherwise a point cannot be scored.

Coaching points

INTENSITY score a point by moving the ball quickly and intensity to try and win the ball back!!

Weight of pass.

Receiving ball on the half turn.

Use of back foot.

off the ball movement to create space and passing options

quick decision making - exploiting space and overloads. When to use longer pass and when to use shorter pass?

Awareness.  Head up. looking over the shoulder.

Competitive nature.  will to win the point or win the ball back!!

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