Football Drill Demonstration


Basic structure and approach:

  • 2 forwards: press in opposition half, holding up ball and playing in midfield, attacking defense, getting in behind defense
  • 2 centre mids: press and track opposition to cover own defense, winning ball and looking to create openings
  • 2 wingers: tucking in to give cover for centre mids, protecting wingbacks and creating width on attack
  • 2 centre backs: organising line, marking and tackling, playing ball out from the back, supporting centre mid in possession
  • 2 wingbacks: tucking in to support CBs, supporting winger in possession, providing width on attack
  • Keeper: sweeper behind defense, organiser and shot stopper

Coaching points

Key areas to define style of play:

  • Team work - support for each other, passing and covering
  • Compactness - front to back and side to side: lines squeeze to reduce playing space for opposition, players tuck in to stop play through middle. Shuffling across pitch to compress around ball
  • Possession - play to keep ball, pass and move to create space, quality of passing key, 360 degree options, playing out from back where possible, always multiple passing options
  • Tracking - all players must press and track runnings
  • Quick to press to deny time to play - player nearest ball must put pressure on, jockey (don't commit) and track movement
  • Cover - players move into covering roles to support player who goes to challenge
  • Exploiting space - switch play, recycling the ball, winger/wingbacks pull out wide in possession
  • Hunting in packs - don't work individually, need to work to match/overload in all situations
  • Quick transitions - read game at all times, recover shape when ball lost, counter when possession gained
  • 1 of back line to push up into midfield to move to 2-5-3 for periods of play
  • Calm on ball

Other specific tactics:

  • Throws - wingbacks to take to encourage forward pressure
  • Free kicks - defense to take to free up players t attack space
  • Specific players on corner taking - aim for 6yd line (drilled to front, pinged to centre or lofted to back post)
  • Attacking corners, stay out of box and make run to avoid being marked: centre forwards attack back post, midfield attack middle, defenders attack front post
  • Always +1 defender at back

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