Football Drill Demonstration


The training area dimensions can vary from 35 x 25 yards to 60 x 40 yards depending upon the age group. Use two age group regulation goals on each goal line. In the activity are two goalkeepers (yellow), two wingers (white), two defenders (blue) and three attackers (red). Flank zones (dark grey area in the diagram) should be marked off with flat or disc cones. Only the wingers play in the flank zones and they are confined to it. The defenders and attackers play in the middle zone (white in the diagram) and they are confined to that space. Each time a goalkeeper has possession of the ball he should distribute (1) to either of the wingers. The winger in possession of the ball dribbles (2) towards the opposite goal and crosses (3) the ball to the attackers. The goalkeeper and defender contest the attackers for the ball. The attackers try to win the cross and score (4) from a header, volley, half-volley or shot from the ground. The attackers could also set up shots from a knock-off. The defenders stay in their half of the field. The attackers go end to end as do the wingers. After two to five minutes have the field players switch roles. Play to ten goals scored. U6 & U8: inappropriate activity U10: use the smallest dimensions written above U12: use a variety of training area dimensions to get practice at crossing the ball to either the near post or far post space U14: use the largest dimensions described

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