Football Drill Demonstration



Place into teams of 3 or 4 players, playing with 3 or more balls, each team work to try and gain possession of as many balls as they can. Teams score a point for each ball they have possession of when coach STOPS the game

Practice will naturally create 1v1/2v1/2v2/3v2 ect situations. Again need to consider how many balls to play with and size of area. More balls will create 1v1/2v1 situations whereas playing with fewer balls allows teams to use pass and dribble techniques to keep possession in 2v3/3v3 situations

Progression Ideas:

  • Opportunity to coach encouraging players to move away from one another to create space, provide an opportunity to play different types of passes, use individual skill when no passes are on
  • Play various types of under/overloads with teams having different number of players
  • Scoring system, first to 10 points wins. Each round played for 3 mins, points scored for each ball your team has possession of

Players should be encouraged to play by the rules, if the ball leaves the play, re-start with another team


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