Football Drill Demonstration


Game setup:

  • The players are divided into three teams of 4. Team A and B plays a 4vs4 in the marked out area with goalkeepers.
  • Team C will position themselves on the side line 

Team A aim is to score as many goals as possible passing among their players and the players on the side line. When team B gets the ball their aim is to keep hold of possession as long as possible and prevent team A from scoring. Team B can use the players on the side line.  after a four minute round there will be a rest period. and the team will switch roles. For example, C will be keeping possesion, B will be attacking and A will be on the side line. 

The switch will occur when all teams have had a go in each role. 


  • Attacker and wall players are limited to their touches.
  • Attackers must alternate between goal 1 and goal 2
  • Attackers cannot pass to their goal keeper. 


  • one goal
  • make the area bigger
  • cannot tackle the player that the wall passes to. However, that player has to pass not shoot.

Coaching points

Coaching points:

  • move in to space
  • when shooting focus on accuracy.
  • awareness of players.

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