Football Drill Demonstration


Practice organisation

  • Area 60x40yds, marked into equal thirds, with halfway line marked and appropriate size goals, as illustrated.
  • 16 players (including 2 goalkeepers), 1 ball.
  • Practice starts with: 7v7 (including 2 goalkeepers) plus 2 floating players, one of whom feeds into attacking team.
  • On regain of possession: ball is played to a floating player, who is deemed safe.
  • All players move into opposing attacking half, with exception of floater in possession.
  • 2nd floater helps defending team until possession is regained.
  • Defensive clearances to floater in opposing half can be transferred back into practice to sustain attack.
  • If goalkeeper makes a save or ball goes out of play: possession is handed to floater who restarts practice.

Coaching points


  • Quick change of attitude from attacking to defending.
  • Pressing ball as a team to regain possession.
  • Recover quickly to other half defending positions on loss of possession.
  • Read the intention of player in possession.
  • Simple progression for this practice is:

- 2nd floater joins attacking team to balance numbers and game continues 8v8, end-to-end.

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