Football Drill Demonstration


Square 30x40m. Set up in middle 3v3 +2 joker. Outside two (or four) small goals in 15-20 m distance. Between goals and square, one defender and one attacker in the both of two sides.
Players in middle zone have to read and rate situation to find best moment to reach the  1v1 or 1v2 situation in attack uotside the square. 

How? Hold opponent away from theirs defense zone through the ball possession. At the best moment, right pass to the attacker through two-three line and come with the support on wings. Attacker have to make a decision, what to do (1v1 alone, 1v2, wall play, 3rd man running).

In the first part of the game, players without possession can't to help their defender.

Evaluation (+) outside the zones 2 defenders v 1 attacker
Evaluation (-) outside the zones only 1 attacker

Coaching points

1. Ball possesision.

2 Read and rate situation on the pitch.

3. Pass through 2-3 lines

4. Transition/counterattack

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