Football Drill Demonstration


Initial Set up: Hybrid of Man-to-Man and zonal defending. 

Man-to-Man; best ball winners picking up height-for-height. Touch tight on man, making a challenege regardless.

Zonal; smaller players (usually 2 & 3) on posts. Opposite sides to free up stronger klicking leg. Best Ball winner on field is free to attack ball without having to mark up.

9 & 10 are left up field to start counter attacks. 10 sits in front of box to block shot off short central clearance. 9 sits around halway in a wide position to drag defenders away from center of field.

GK claims anything inside of 6yard box within the width of the goal. Shout of "KEEPERS" to claim ball. If GK is not claiming ball, "AWAY" is the shout so defenders know to clear. Shout is as early as possible.

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