Football Drill Demonstration


The object of this drill is to be patient and maintain possession of the ball for attackers in their area until an opening is created or a through pass can be achieved to penetrate the defenders area. Once the attackers have played a ball into the defensive area then all attackers can enter the defensive area and attack the goal.

The defenders must maintain their shape and position to stop the attackers from breaching their area and getting a ball through their defences. One defender enters the attackers area to pressure the player on the ball.

If the defenders steal the ball then they all can enter the attackers area and attack either of the two small goals placed on the half way line.

If any goals are scored either by the attackers or defenders play starts with the attackers back in their area.

Coaching points

Patience building up an attack

Looking for overlaps by the wingers

Looking for spaces to pass through the defence

Breaching the defence to get a shot at goal

Defenders maintaining their position and transition fron defence to attack

Attackers moving into space to maintain possession and transition from attack to defence 

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