Football Drill Demonstration


  1. Phase of play designed to teach how to play out from the back in a 9v9 game.
  2. Focusing on GK,CB's and LW/RW players that drop in.

Coaching points

  • Establish possesion from the GK playing out the ball and object of the game is to find a way out to the target red's on the half way line.
  • Ball always starts from the GK.


  • Establish team shape working with blues before ball is played from the keeper.
  • Coach GK (speed of play, accuracy + weight of pass and supporting angle for the CB once ball is played)
  • Coach CB's to split at the edge of the box and to have an open body shape.
  • CB's to recieve the ball on the back foot and get head up and scan options.
  • Decision making weather to dribble, pass, or set back to keeper to switch to otherside.
  • Coach central CB to make themselves an option on the ball for a 1/2 touch pass into CM or LW/RW.
  • Coach RW/LW to drop to be an option on the ball for the CB's.
  • LW/RW open bodyshape to recieve the ball/backfoot and dribble or pass to find a way out to the target red's.
  • Coach covering CB's when ball is played to the opposite side, to make sure we are protected incase we lose possesion.


  1. If red's win the ball back they can go and score at anytime.
  2. Progess it to, once the ball is played out to the red target player, the red taget player can now join in and try and score straight away.


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