Football Drill Demonstration


Prison Break

Red squares = Prisons 

Yellow and blue squares = castles

K = key

  • Area split into two halves
  • Each half has 3 prisons, and one castle.
  • A team defends one half each.
  • the game starts with at least one person in every prison.
  • one flag (bib) inside the castle
  • 2 keys (bean bags) next to each castles


1. to release your teammates from the opposition prisons using the key

2. once all your prisoners have been realeased. attack the castle and bring back the flag.

Fist team to release their prisoners and bring back the flag, wins!


  • cant get tagged inside own half
  • cant get tagged inside a square
  • if you get tagged inside the opposition half, you must go to the nearest prison.
  • Prisoners can only be broken out of prison using the key
  • cannot take, or use oppositions key
  • cannot take the flag out of the castle until youve realesed all your prisoners
  • if you get tagged holding the key. you must drop the key on the floor, and go to prison
  • after breaking out a prisoner, you both have to go back to your half before starting another phase of pkay
  • cannot throw the key

Coaching points

Lesson objectives: understanding the principles of team defending.


  • Zonal marking
  • pressing 
  • support play

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