Football Drill Demonstration


Divide team into 2 colors and distribute them evenly at 4 markers spaced 10x20 yrds.

Ball begins with a touch pass from P1 to P2 

P1 runs an overlap and P2 makes a control touch into motion and passes to P3 (P1 and P2 finnish their runs to the end of their color's line for rotation)

P3 takes a touch pass to P4 and runs the overlap with P4 making the control touch into motion and pass accross (P3 and P4 continue their run to the end of their color's line)

Coaching points

It is important that the player takes one touch, looks up, and hits their target- the receiver takes one touch, hits their target and overlaps

As players get better add a ball to the other side then add a pass to the overlap and back

Touch is critical - make sure the touch is controlled and in the direction that you want to play the ball

Get eyes up before passing


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