Football Drill Demonstration


Separate your team into Defenders vs. Offenders. Align the Center Strikers to the middle and L/R MF on the outside

Set a lane 5 yrds in from the sideline on each side of the field spanning to 1/2 distance to goal

The Coach begins play by passing a ball to the Attacking Outside Forward to advance the ball down the field

The Center Forward advances and calls for a "Cross" from the outside play The Outside player may cross the ball at any moment after the call for a "Cross" from team mate.

Defender tracks the play and defends the cross to the outside of the field away from goal

Play ends when ball is out of play or a goal is scored

Coaching points

Center Forward advances with the play and makes a call for the ball - Look for the sign (head down) from OS FWD to Make a Run for goal (@full speed)

OS FWD head up to create and advance

Proper cross technique with angle of body and lead a crisp hard pass

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