Football Drill Demonstration


In possession

  • Partnership with wingback
  • Partnership with centre mid
  • Partnership with strikers (when they are wider)
  • Mix of running with the ball and passing focus to play in strikers, centre mids and wingbacks
  • Looking to get into space, particularly after transition, to stretch pitch and counter
  • Use wingbacks to recycle ball and allow them to overlap for wider play
  • Drilled pass behind lines, cross into box or pass to feet
  • Can we counter quickly
  • Corners : centre of goal

Out of possession

  • Mark and press quickly in wider positions to stop attacks
  • Track runners to cover defense and protect wingbacks
  • React on transition
  • Cut off passes to reduce size of opposition playing space
  • Squeeze in to centre to increase compactness and give cover to centre mids
  • Pull centre mid over to provide cover if overloaded
  • Stop long ball passes

Coaching points


  • Moving into space to receive ball
  • Dribbling
  • Crossing
  • Passing variety: drilled splitting pass, lofted over back line pass
  • Jockeying and tracking
  • Working in partnership for pass and move
  • Overlapping play with wingbacks

Team Formation 4-4-2 - WingersFootball Drills Coaching

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