Football Drill Demonstration


Indoor ball control drill

Coaching points

  • Players each have a ball
  • Player passes ball to coach who is on the 3 line spot
  • Coach picks up the ball and tosses it back to player, waist height, halfway to player so it bounces
  • Player brings the ball down under control
  • Player dribbles to line and takes long shot
  • Player leaves ball and returns to back of line
  • Coach gets pass from next player position (i.e. I, II, III)
  • Players rotate through all 3 positions
  • Alt - player brings ball down after 1 bounce
  • Alt - no bounce shot (completely in the air)
  • Alt - goalie stops shots

DaveMenks_ADSA_Jan2017_BallControlDrillPassing and ReceivingFootball Drills Coaching