Frontcrawl - Technique

category: Frontcrawl-Technique

Swimming Frontcrawl - Technique Frontcrawl - Technique Dive Entry. ... With the new FIH Rules of Hockey amendments coming into play in January 2019, ...


category: Technique

Swimming Technique Technique Swim 9 x 50mts with a mix of strokes and drills of your choice (see Drills folder for more information) with 20 sec rest...


category: Speed

Swimming Speed Speed Swim 12 x 25mts alternating FC & BC or BR & BC with 20sec rest after every length. (Every third length must be Moderate Effort K...

Backstroke - Drills

category: Backstroke-Drills

Swimming Backstroke - Drills Backstroke - Drills Streamline Kick. ... with England Hockey to become an Approved Provider of Club Management Systems.