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We're soccer parents.. (vlog)

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Shit soccer parents say

Remember it's not about the kids. It's about the parent's. A look at soccer parents in action.


Community Drills

Skills- Running with the ball

The players work on their level 1 challenge with their parents. Levels:The players have to walk out to a cone and balance the ball on the cone without...

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Warm up - Cats and Mice. Children will be given a bib and they are the mice. Bibs must be placed in shorts. Sit children down and ask what noise do mi...

U4 warm up 1

In a marked off grid have the players run around the grid in different direction. after 2 minutes add a ball for each player and continue for an addit...

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Ping Pong Passing GamePlayers and parents/coach stand about 5 feet apartWhen the parent/coach says "Ping" the player passes the ballWhen the...