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Having trouble with Behavouir management can anyone help?

Hello all am fairly new coach this is my first season coaching u10 team an currently having trouble managing behaviour anyone got any advice for reigning in trouble makers

Hi Ron, sorry if I'm too late to help, but if I am then hopefully this can be helpful for someone else.

Like you, I also manage an U10 side, in total I have around 15 kids. As you can imagine, behaviour is sometimes difficult. So I added a point system. They get 1 GOOD point if they listen well, do as you say, give nice/supportive comments to other players and a point for turning up. However, they get 1 BAD point for not listening, messing around, negative comments and so on. At the end of the season, take away the amount of bad points from good points then whoever has the most points wins a prize (for example, if I had 100 good points and 25 bad points, I'd end up with 75 points). This has really helped. You can give points as you like and see fit.

Another way is to sit a naughty kid out, go over and talk to them. That usually sorts them for the session, however the point system above is better in the long term.

Hi Ron, I use a proven disciplinary system which I've adapted for football. First they're given a verbal warning, then they get a yellow card and time out and lastly they get a red and they sit out the rest of practice. I've only issued one red this season. No lectures, just say how they broke your rules which need to be made clear to them up front and give them the warning or time out. Works well for me.
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Hi Ron, siting them down and stopping him/her from playing match or preventing them from taken part in one of their favorate game at practice can also help

I'm planning to introduce a card system for my U10s next season. They will be shown and yellow card at training if they (repeatedly) misbehave. A yellow card means that I will speak to their parents privately about ther behaviour. They will be shown a red card for behaviour beyond the expected 'naughtiness' that can be tolerated within a group of this age or as a consequence of two yellows within a short period. A red will exclude them from the next training and/or weekend match. I'm introducing this mainly to combat the not listening problems of some children and for occasional rough behaviour which I experinced towards the end of last season. The parents are very open to the idea so we'll see how it goes.

Hi , I'm Lucky enough to be coaching on an academy environment where behaviour is rarely an issue. However I find it certainly reduces when the sessions are planned very well. For instance they are engaged from the moment they arrive until the moment they get in the car to go home. Have everything set up and ready before they arrive and ensure they're getting loads of Ball Time or playing in games that have small numbers etc. Hope this helps. Reid 

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