Run Fetch And Throw

category: Ground-Fielding

This is a hit throw and follow exercise. One player by each post and one deep fielder. The rest of the players stand behind the line waiting their tur...

Drill For Fielding First Post

category: Ground-Fielding

This practice is to help the backstop and fielder at 1st post to improve the speed of delivery in trying to get the batter out. 3 players with the bal...

Backing Up The Post

category: Ground-Fielding

Players work in groups of four. With one feeder and one fielder stood on a post, with another two players backing up behind the post player, in a tria...

Beat The Ball

category: Ground-Fielding

For this practice you need 8 players per group. Set out 4 cone in a square about 5 metres apart. Set out 2 flags a further 5 - 10 metres away from the...

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Learning to play the game!

Learning through play is the message today - improve your players' practical game skills and get them thinking!

Developing Dynamic Fielders

Change your players preconceptions and get them excited about fielding with this week's fast paced session - developing catching, hand-eye coordinatio...