Do Or Die Drill

category: Conditioned-games

11 fielders (including 1 bowler and wicket keeper), with 2 players batting and two padded up, waiting to bat. The 2 batters have one over to chase the...

Driving Game

category: Conditioned-games

Coach delivers bobble feed to the batters. Each player has 3-4 feeds each to try to hit the ball through the fielders along the ground. If the ball i...

Use Of Feet - Off Drive

category: Front-foot-batting

Looking to hit ball towards mid off Quick feet from the batter are essential when getting to the ball. When advancing down the wicket, batter must aim...


category: Conditioned-games

Scatter some cones (divots) across the area, some the right way up, and some upside down. Split the group into two teams - 'Hackers and Greenkeepers' ...

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