Moving out - Drive hitting

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This Sportplan Session aims to get your players putting their best foot forward as they come out to meet the ball when it's overpitched.

By stepping out and playing the shot on their front foot your players should be able to find gaps between the covers and mid-off. Commentators refer to a well played drive as "Showing the maker's name" because the bat is held in such a way that the name of the company who made the bat can clearly be seen.

Front-foot shot - A shot played with the batsman's weight on their front foot (the foot nearest the bowler).

Most of the power for this shot comes from the bowl so in this session we focus on getting your players to show the maker's mark, step forward and keep their weight over the ball, just like India's Sachin Tendulkar, one of the greatest batsmen in the history of the game.

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Moving out - Drive hitting
Tom Flowers
England Tom Flowers
A decent session, showing good progression and wold be suitable for a large group too.

Warm-up could be related to the main objectives/skill of the session more though, as it is a batting session not fielding.

I would suggest a warm-up using quick feet would be more suitable.

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