Junior Fielding - Moving to meet the ball!

This Sportplan session is designed to get your young players attacking the ball in the field - running to pick it up and throw it back at the stumps as quickly as possible!

It stands to reason, the quicker your players throw the ball to their wicket keeper, the fewer runs the opposition will be able to make, that's why in this session we get your players to save as much time as possible by getting them to meet the rolling ball, using the long barrier and flicking it back as quickly and accurately as they can.

To get your players in the habit of running to meet the ball, and not simply waiting for it to roll into their hands, this session challenges your players running out to the ball - working on their pick up and flick whilst also improving their fielding consistency, ensuring they get their body behind the ball!

Remember -Time is valuable when fielding - even the smallest changes to the way your team play can have a major influence on the outcome of the whole game!

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Junior Coaching Sessions

Knowing where to start with a group of cricketing beginners is no easy task! You need to try and strike a balance between teaching your players the skills they'll need to develop their game whilst at the same time keeping them entertained and engaged!

That's where this pack of Six of the Best comes in - with sessions specifically designed to teach young players who are still learning and developing their core cricketing skills, between the age of 7-10 years old, the basics of the game!

Topics include: Catching and Throwing, Basic Ground Fielding Principles, The Beginnings of Batting and The Long Barrier

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Junior Coaching Sessions - in this pack:

All Rounder - Mixed Skills Session

Bat and Bowl like Beefy Botham - Cover Batting, Bowling and Fielding skills in this All-Round skills Session!

Junior Fielding - Ground Fielding and the Long Barrier

Break the ice and get all your players involved - Refresh their ground fielding skills and recap the long barrier!

Junior Catching and Throwing Session - Core Skills

Fun skills development session - working on improving your youngsters catching and throwing consistency!

Junior Fielding - Accuracy and Energy Session

Calling all youth coaches! Improve your young players' speed and skills in this energetic fielding session!

Junior Fielding - Moving to meet the ball!

Time is valuable when fielding! Don't wait for the ball to come to you - attack the ball to be more assertive in the field!

Multi-Skills Games Session

Try this session if you're looking to bring some fun to your trainings. A games based session that works on catching concentrating and batting and throwing accuracy!

Click here to get instant access to this pack for the introductory price of £7.50.

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Interactive Sessions - Easy to understand and Coach
Once purchased - the folder pack instantly appears in your online account and is ready to use:
Each Session comes with its own aims, clear coaching points and accompanying animations and illustrations to give you all you need to take sessions with your team.
Read & Watch
Read the session on screen and watch the animated drills and video techniques.
Present & Teach
Use the slideshow feature to present the drills full screen or on an interactive whiteboard.
Download & Print
Download and print pdf version of each session to read and use offline.
Quick & Convenient
Download and print summary sheets, a great quick reminder when your out on the field.

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