Junior Fielding - Accuracy and Energy Sessions

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Calling all youth coaches! This Sportplan fielding session is simple to set up, simple to coach and simply perfect for energetic groups of young players!

The first practice in this session has been designed to get your players to run off some excess energy while also teaching them to stop the ball rolling the ball beyond them - with players working in threes to Run, Roll, Gather and Return the ball. After this energetic start we work on accurate throwing and then putting fielding in a fun active situation, before finishing the session with a fielding game to use all the skills that have been covered.

  • Skills covered include: Meeting rolling balls, Using the long barrier, Throwing at a target and Quick and consistent catching!

Although this session has been tried and tested with young players (a large group of 7-8 year olds) there's no reason why you can't use it with older players - modifying the drills to increase the difficulty!)

Try this session with your young ones today and work on their fielding speed and skills!

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