Backing up in the field

This Sportplan session aims to improve your side's fielding - getting them to meet the ball, not waiting for it to roll into their hands, and position themselves intelligently so that if a team-mate fumbles the catch they're ready to cover them!

Ideally your players should always be looking to back one another up, whether it be from a powerfully struck attacking shot or a throw back to your wicket-keeper - this sort of fielding ethos will stand your players in good stead, as they help each other out and aim to avoid gifting away easy runs to the other team.

  • What is Backing up?: As a fielder prepares to catch the ball another fielder, at a further distance, positions themselves behind them, so that if the first fielder misses the ball the damage will be minimal, with the second fielder being able to sweep up behind them.

To get your players working on their ability to read the angles of the game and anticipate the loose ball this session starts with a rolling ball warm-up, before then progressing onto a series of throwing at stumps and backing up drills.

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