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Garth Good Coach, England


Set Up: Create a playing area that matches the age and ability of your players. The attacking team (Red) play 1-4-3-1 while the defending team (Blue) plays a 2-3-3 formation. The attacking team are looking to play out from the back and play into the forward player before scoring in either of the two end goals. The defending team are looking to press the attacking team winning possession back and scoring in the main goal. Progression: Allow the CF to rotate with any of the midefield three to create a different problem for the defenders to sort out.


Coaching Points: Dispersal The players need to know how they as a team can make the pitch big and make it difficult for the defending team to win possession. The full backs need to play high and wide. Their starting position should be on the touchline towards the half way line. The two centre backs split to the edge of 18 yard box. One of the midefielders drops into the gap between the two centre halfs with the other two midfielders movin into more advanced positions. The centre forward should play as high as the defending team wil allow. Delivery frm the goalkeeper. The keeper has to be able to assess options early and then make good decisions based upon what they see. Passes into players needs to be flat and fast and towards their fron foot to encourage forward progression. Depending on where he plays he will take up a good position of support in case the outfield players needs to play the ball back to him. Body shape Players need to get into an open body stance as often as possible. This allows the players to see bigger pictures positvely impactng on how they play possession football. This will also encourage teammate to play to their front foot providing more opportunities to beat the press. Rotation Players need to create problems for the defence to sort out. Rotation, how players move about the pitch and swap positions causes real problems for defenders. For example the centre forward drops into midfield to recieve a pass while one of the midefielders runs past him and effectively becomes the centre forward. Such clever movement can cause problems because defenders fail to communicate whether they are trackign such movements or passing their man on. Postional sense Players need to understand their tactical responsibilty. Player can't just vacate an area, unless they are rotating with another player. Keeping good shape not only provides the width and depth required to open teams up but also creates defensive stability if the ball is given away cheaply.

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