BP Principle: Possession Middle 3rd - Passing Game

andy rhodes Coach, United States of America


This drill provides players with options for playing the ball effectively through the middle 3rd of the pitch. Initial instructions: A Red player (no.6) dribble the ball into the square A Yellow player (no. 8) and Blue player (no. 10) run into the square in order for combination play to start between the 3 players CUE: As soon as a ball is played towards the 6 both the 8 and and 10 make a run to the nearest blue cones No. 6 plays a ball to either blue cone.. The player receiving the ball (yellow player in the diagram) dribbles the ball at pace back to their original group The player making the other run (blue player pictured) runs onto the 6's (red) team The red player having played the through ball joins the blue team Note: Coloured bibs aren't required for this drill the colours are just for demonstrations.


Objective of this drill is to keep possession whilst making smart runs and combination plays at the opportune moment. 8 and 10 may interchange passes a number of times before they make the ball into the 6 for the through ball that will pick out either run. Points to consider: Wait for opportune pass Movement needs to be quick (high intensity) Look for cue This could apply anywhere on the park Body possitioning Move the ball quickly to move opposition out of position Receiver of through ball needs good body position to enable quick forward movement after receiving the ball Variations (make Positional game): A defender in the square that chases to the edge of the box Widen the box and introduce 2 defenders with same aim. i.e. through ball that attacking midfielder can run to the centre line with

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