Cricket Drill Demonstration


players to play straight

3 cones placed at the start, green on drive, red straight drive, blue off drive. batsmen are to advance towards the cones and play the respected shot (No ball, no striking)

the first set of stumps is to check the path of the bat is coming down straight. the middle stump will be removed and batsmen are to play a straight drive where their bat swings through the stumps (where middle stump should be)

the second set of stumps is the same as the first but this time the players are to advance down the ground and play the straight drive.

final part is where the batsmen gets to strike the ball, they play a straight drive and look to get the ball between the cones.

coaching points:

batsmen to place their front leg on the leg stump of the set of stumps they are facing

head to be over the top of middle stump when playing their shadow drive.


players not to progress to next stage till the task has been done correctly eg stumps drills, batsmen does not hit the stump.

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