Cricket Drill Demonstration


2 teams of approx. 5 players with each team recieveing 2 innings of 10 minutes each. 

Bowler bowls underarm and batter has to aim to retrieve one run by driving the ball through a gate of cones. (this gate can be placed dependant on the batting drills you have just practise or multiply gates can be added to allow the batters to practise a range of drives)

if the ball is batted between a gate of cones then teh batting recieve 1 run, If the batter wishes to increase this number they can get an extra run for running to line 1 and back to the wicket or collect an extra 2 runs by running to line 2. 

Each batter faces 6 balls unless they are caught out either by a ball being caught before it bounces, the batter being bowled out or the wicket is hit while they are making a run. 

A boundary line can be added to allow an extra 4 runs to be collected by the batting team. 

Coaching points

Ensure correct technique is practised and allow all the players to reciueve a fair chance in each position. This can be maintained by rotating the feilders for each batter that steps on the field. 

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