3 Ball Round The Clock

category: Throwing-Catching

Setup: 4 players stand in a diamond with 3 balls. A 5th player stands in the middle. To start the drill 1 of the outside players throw their ball to t...

Round The Clock

category: Throwing-Catching

5 players 4 balls. Player in the middle receives the ball from one of the players and returns it then turns to the next player and repeats this 3 time...

Catching Drill

category: Throwing-Catching

Partners stand opposite each other and throw a ball back and forth, trying to see how many catches they can make in a given time (e.g. 1 minute).

Run Around Race

category: Throwing-Catching

Simple throw and run race, from the starting cone to the finish cone (drill is ended when a player stumps the cone).Teams of 4 (or more) players stand...

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