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What is a good way of disciplining Under 6's.

What is a good way of disciplining Under 6's. The characteristics of a 6 yr old means they are excitable, enthuiastic etc which is good, but i have a couple of boys that can be extremely disruptive. I have sat them all down at the end of a session and laid down some rules, but the same couple of boys break these rules week after week. How do i discipline without causing them not to want to attend the fun session?

Best thing to do is exclude them from the sessions anything else at this age and you will only alienate them and the parents I'm afarid. They will see all the other children having fun and they aren't and maybe then they will tow the line.

Hard work and pain..

Shuttle runs, burpee's etc.

Make them carry the ball bag over or make them stand next to the posts for so long. Absolute SIN BINS

Give everyone apart from the kids that mess around  an ice lolly, and then they will realise that they are not meating the standards of profesional footballers.

Hello Richard,

we had a similar question to yours a little while ago with good answers and ideas that could help with your exciteable six year olds:

Disciplining misbehaviour at practice.

Hope this helps and keep us posted with how you get on - it's good to see you're keen to instil some discipline in your side while remembering your players are very young and that you don't want to disuade them from sticking with the sport.

Best of luck,
The Sportplan Team 

As always you will sit down with the missbehaved and ask why they're doing it, as alot of younge athletes they might find it difficult to find the correct words so give them ideas if you have a 5 minute of silence  like "are you bored of the drills?" and if it is because they're bored ask why maybe its because you are doing the same thing weekly and it is not mixed up enough with another drill or that they can already do it at their best efforts ect. Ask them to show you there and then, waiting for their turn and when they are performing  make sure that they know you are watching by calling out their name "Your turn John, show me how well you can do this" in a motivating up sprit  tone not a  boring, low tone, moaning form. If you do pick out some mistakes that they do not notice point them out and show them how to improve it. If they are doing well and there is no improvment note it down (you should be taking down names who are improving at what skill and who is not finding strong points and weaknesses)

If you have a manager and a coach  or an assistant   ask them to help out too!

If you find half of a team is struggling with one skill and the other are not maybe its time to split the team into two groups and for those who improved  increase the intensity make it intresting and challenging than before! (This site will help)  whiles coaching the others who need to improve ask them what they find difficult. because reguardless if a young athlete is good or not does not make them a disruptive or a none disruptive person. 

(As a child i was disruptive when i found a skill difficult and the team was improving before me  and or when the coach moved on because he noticed everyone was good apart from me and was too lazy to coach me individually.)

  • Don't get lazy at coaching (Improve that one person if you must)
  • Change intensity of drills
  • Mix and match drills
  • put a mini game in the middle of training days for a relaxing break.
  • ask why they're disruptive (find the solution)
  • ask what they would like not want (you do not want to give the wrong message.)
  • ask for helpers if you have any or not (from parents or sports students)

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