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Dealing with bad behaviour

does any one have any recommendations/advice on how to deal with Under 9's/10's when they play up and become disruptive? I had a session this week where one or 2 individuals made it almost impossible to carry on with the session. Obviously i don't want to cancel a session so looking for ways people have dealt with similar issues.

Hi Derek. I have put in place a 4 rule principle and anyone breaks these rules they sit out and don't train. Rule 1) if I am talking then they don't. Reason is they don't learn if they don't listen.Rule 2) no bad language or stupid comments to other name calling etc.Rule 3) respect the club and other clubs they play when they wear their colours they respect them and each other.Rule 4) they respect all coachesI put these in place took a couple weeks but I have a great group of lads now.they mess now and then but I just remind them and I haven't had to sit anyone out for a long time. Hope this helps, Graham
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Great idea Graham, think I'll be using that one.

Hi Derek

I agree with Grahams comment regarding rules, but sometimes for a bit of fun we add a forfeit in

if you have an individual who plays up during training. Rather than apply the rules to all, pick the individual who began the problem but don't give them the forfeit give it to everyone else, they won't be happy and will let the one playing up know not to.

The forfeit can be anything from their training you know they are all not keen on doing, like press ups or sit-ups. We have a large tree about 60m from where we train, one forfeit is for the rest to run to the tree and back whilst the one who was playing up stays and watches them do it.

When the get back explain why you gave the forfeit, or better still as the one whose fault it was why the others got the forfeit 😏




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In the past to tackle bad behaviour I made the individuals become crucial part of the session and a lot of the show / tell being executed by them.

Turning the reason why their being centre of attention to something productive will not only motivate the players, can also inspire the individual to perform much better and even take responsibility roles.

Most of the time that behaviour at that age is attention seeking nothing else.

The rules above may apply but I don't think in this case a 9/10 year old will comply to that.

Just my view.

Paulo .


Hi all, tHank you for your replies. All are very useful and I've incorporated aspects of all comments in to training early days so far but things seems to be getting easier. All the best for the coming season. 




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