Handball Drill Demonstration


Make a square by putting 4 cones at a distance of at least 20 mtrs apart and put an extra one in the center.

Start at a signal of the trainer. Run run to the cone in the center and back to your own cone, run AROUND it.

variations :
- running
- running, swinging right arm forward
- running, swinging left arm forward,
- running, swinging right arm backward
- running, swinging left arm backward
- running, swinging both arms forward
- running, swinging both arms backward
- sidesteps
- sidesteps + half a turn after 3 sidesteps
- sidesteps + swinging arms
- running : lifting up knees high
- running : heels to bottom
- hop-scotch left
- hop-scotch right
- hop-scotch left-left-right-left-left etc
- skate-run : left-right slightly sideward as if you were skating
- hopping on both legs
- hop on two legs : one forward, one short one backwards and right away forward with a big jump again
- sideward : one leg behind the other : crossing over
- running : + 3 jumps vertically at the cones

Coaching points

At least two players per cone.

When the coach blows their whistle players race into the middle to touch the center cone and then tag the other player.

The first team to get all their players to complete the run is the winner.

The Drill is often used with

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