Handball Drill Demonstration


Players line  up a few meters behind the 7 meter line where a cone is placed on the floor.

The wide player (blue 2) passes the ball to the player waiting in line who then runs forward to the cone. When they reach the cone players should be slightly to the left or the right of the cone.

Before being allowed to shoot players must 'get past the cone' using an effective dummy, cutting around the other side of the cone before shooting.

variations :
- 3 step rythm (right handers : left,right,left and left handers : right,left,right)
- 2 step or even in 1 step
- jumping off : left handers : right foot, right handers : left foot
- jump off with your 'wrong' foot (1,2,3 steps)

Coaching points

  •  final step is explosive and large
  • in the air the hip should go backward together with the throwing arm
  • pull up other leg until upper leg is horizontal
  • land on the same leg as you jumped off


  1. add a defender who acts passively, only moves a bit from side to side
  2. add two defenders : defenders should act passively as attackers come in at high speed. The two defenders should leave just enough space for the attacker.

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