Running with the ball

We love to develop a passing game, however when the moment is right, having that player that can run with the ball to beat a man or two and move the ball on will inject some pace to the play and keep your attacks unpredicatble.

What’s in the Session?

Start of by warming up with the players focussing on developing their close control and recognising the benefits of running with the ball in particular moments on the field. The technical practice then refines the players ability to run with the ball whilst scanning the field to transfer from running with the ball to make a pass when the option becomes available. The controlled environment helps the players focus on the technique before progresing into a small sided game. The game encourages players to run with the ball, again looking for passes if one become a better option. It also helps develop the players understanding of when to run with it and when best to consolidate possession and make a pass instead.

Develop your players close control and inject some excitement into your play, but only when the moment is right!

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