Defensive Work: How Bayern could have beaten Chelsea

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As was shown in the Barcelona v Chelsea game, there is a lot to be said for positive, and sometimes opportunistic, approach play in football.

When the ball is turned over and possession is lost it's important you put pressure on the attacking team collectively, from congesting the midfield to cutting off the channels and preventing the fast break. The key here is to force the error quickly, regain possession and look for depth once again (this is what lead to Drogba's extra time goal).

To get your side defending with a Chelsea-like-doggedness we start this session with a number of agility drills to work on fast footwork and explosiveness without the ball, preparing your players to apply pressure on the ball quickly, as soon as they have lost it. Following this we then focus on the following defensive techniques:

  • channelling players away from your dangers areas,
  • Recovering your shape after a loss of possession
  • and teaching players to put pressure on the ball and not just dive in!

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