Crossing and Finishing

Great teams have been built upon amazing wingers who can consistently deliver the ball on a plate for a striker to do the ‘simple’ task of finishing it off. Develop your team on the same ideology of the great of the past with this session.

What’s in the Session?

Begin the session with a thorough warm-up to avoid injuries and to get your players up to speed. Build up the skills of your wingers and strikers gradually, starting with unopposed practices to develop an understanding between them in terms of their movement and delivery. The session allows you to add a competitive aspect to the practices to ensure the quality is at the standard required and the intensity reaches max levels. Finish off the session with a conditioned game to really encourage the switch of play to get the ball wide before delivering killer balls into the box for a striker to deliver the good every time.

Build your attacks on width, pin-point deliveries and ruthless finishing!

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