Ball Mastery & Manipulation

Being comfortable on the ball opens up a variety of opportunities to make adventurous passes, take on more shots and generally make better decisions. Therefore, make sure your players are happy on the ball, to manipulate it in a way to add more dimensions to their game.

What’s in the Session?

  1. Session focused on players being comfortable and confident at manipulating the ball.
  2. Players will be able to demonstrate the ability to express themselves in possession and be comfortable playing out of tight areas.
  3. Body position to receive, use of different surfaces, and head up, spatial awareness.
  4. The session is aimed at players between the ages of U8 – U11.
  5. Opposed dribbling practice

To coach and educate players on ball mastery techniques which can be applied within opposed and game related practices.

This session is available as part of an Interactive Coaching Pack, scroll down to learn more

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