Square Passing - One Or Two Touch

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Simple passing drill - players pass the ball in an anti-clockwise direction and should try to play either a one touch or second touch pass.

Rats And Rabbits

category: Dribbling

Set out two lines of six discs approximately 5 yards apart. Station 1 player by each disc. One ball per player. One team is the "Rats" and t...

Ball Tag

category: Conditioned-games

6 players and 2 catchers. Both catchers have a ball each. Catchers move around the area and attempt to throw their ball to hit one of the players on o...

3 Vs 3 Soccer

category: Possession

Each teams has 3 players and one goal to defend and one to attack. The ball is not allowed to stop or go over head height. By passing and dribbling th...

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