Back Stop

category: Skills

Rounders Back stop Skills The position of the back stop can be close or far behind the batter. The positioning helps the batter decide where to bowl.

Beat The Call

category: Conditioned-games

Rounders Beat the call Conditioned games Split your group into two teams: A throwing team and a fielding team. The fielders have to put one player by...

4 Ball Rounders

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders 4 ball rounders Ground Fielding 1 player hits 4 balls anywhere into the field. Once the batter has hit all the balls they run around all 4 p...

Good Bowling Action

category: Bowling

Rounders Good bowling action Bowling Knees bent, ball released inside the square and shoulders and hip in line. Look for a good pendulum motion whenÂ...

Long Barrier

category: Skills

Rounders Long Barrier Skills In pairs rolling the ball across the ground to each other. Players should use the barrier to gather the ball. ball, barr...

Circle Reactions Game

category: Ground-Fielding

Rounders Circle reactions game Ground Fielding Players stand in a circle with 1 or 2 balls (there are 2 in the video). They have to throw the ball to...

Web Videos

Rounders rules video

Rounder Match Rules Match rules for the 'most people in a Rounders exhibition match' world record attempt at the Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre on ...


Understanding The Game Of Rounders

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