Shooting Under Pressure

category: Shooting

Football Shooting Under Pressure Shooting Groups of six. Position players as shown in the diagram. One server and one attacker on each side of the go...

Shooting With Football Coming Towards You

category: Shooting

Football Shooting with football coming towards you Shooting Players set up in 2 lines with one central player who feeds you the ball. The player must s...

Shooting From Range Game

category: Shooting

Football Shooting from range game Shooting This game can be played with almost any number of players. In this game the pitch is 50 metres long, split...

3 Vs 3 Football

category: Possession

Football 3 vs 3 Football Possession Each teams has 3 players and one goal to defend and one ... Football Drill Demonstration ... 1st touch shooting Drill...

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Community Drills

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Equipment: Marked area appropriate size for age, 8 cones, 2 ball between 4 playersOrganisation: Players set up as shown in the video and diagram. One ...