Catching Drill

category: Catching

Partners stand opposite each other and throw a ball back and forth, trying to see how many catches they can make in a given time (e.g. 1 minute).

Fielding Drill

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

6-12 people needed. Player (6) starts by rolling the ball out to (5) who runs in and throws ball to the (WK). Coach now throws (5) a flat catch as he...

Ground Fielding Drill

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Two teams pass the ball to their team mates with an overarm throw which must bounce only once and then must be caught. Using the throws to advance tow...

Batsmen Vs Fielders

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

When the batsman (1) calls Yes the coach rolls the ball towards the fielder stood by the stumps. Fielder (1) runs across, picks up the ball and then t...

Web Videos

Samuel's cricket throwing action

Samuel's Cricket throwing action before and after doing ZenoLink's 6 weeks PST program. Complete change and massive improvements in coordination ...


Public Drills

End Zone

Two end zones with wicket within a circle. No players may entre the circle. Two teams must throw the ball to each other and then try to th...

Autosave 1252380

-students will make a circle around a solitary stump that is placed in the ground- each student will throw a cricket ball at the stump continuously un...