Fast Bowlers Grip

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Cricket Fast Bowlers Grip Fast and spin bowling The index and middle fingers are placed either side of the seam with the thumb gripping the bottom of...

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Hand Hockey - Catching

Two Teams each have their own target to hit.Must pass the ball around the team and try to hit the target to gain a point.A drop catch is a turnoverCan...

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hand hockey game, 4 equal teams, 2 pitches. the aim is to pass between your team and try and hit the stump at the other side of the pitch without goin...

Hand Hockey

Hand Hockey!Max 4 in a teamRoll ball/underarm/overarmOpposition try to intercept ballNon-contactHit stumps = 1 goal

Hand Hockey

Split pupils into 2 teamsPlace a set of stumps at each end of the pitchAim is to hit the stumps with the ball to score a pointPlayers can't move with ...