Star Float – Back

category: Floating

Swimming Star Float – back Floating Standing up, find a space in the pool and make a 'Star' shape - feet flat on the floor, arms and legs wide apar...

Breaststroke - Top Tips

category: Breaststroke-Top-Tips

Swimming Breaststroke - Top Tips Breaststroke - Top Tips For better ... For better Breaststroke, swim with a long glide and count your strokes for ea...

Kicking On Noodle

category: Frontcrawl-Drills

Swimming Kicking on noodle Frontcrawl - Drills Looking at noodle position and body position with kicking. Hold the noodle under the arms, with the cu...

Step / Straddle Entry

category: Pool-Entry

Swimming Step / Straddle Entry Pool Entry Feet together on edge of pool. Chin up, arms out to side. Take large stride forward and maintain this strid...

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