Fake Your Way Past

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting-dummy

Handball Fake your way past 321 pass/shot feinting(dummy) Run forward at full speed to receive the pass. As you approach the defender drop the should...

Triangle Passing 2 - Meet The Ball

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting-dummy

Handball Triangle Passing 2 - Meet the ball 321 pass/shot feinting(dummy) Blue players ... Blue players pass the ball around the triangle. ... Fake y...

321 Pass/Shot Feinting(Dummy)

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting-dummy

Pass after : - feinting (dummy) to person you have just received the ball from - make center shot after they feinted (dummy) as if throwing at ... Fa...

321 Pass/Shot Feinting(Dummy)

category: 321-pass-shot-feinting-dummy

Handball 321 pass/shot feinting(dummy) 321 pass/shot feinting(dummy) B1 and B2 run forward to R1. B1 passes to B4 and B2 ... Fake your way past. view...

Web Videos

Handball feints 5

New video of handball feints. Many real examples how to feint, and how to pass defensive player and score. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ▷ ... The ...

Handball feints vol. #7

Feints video could be good handball training tool. Great way to learn and improve your playing skills. You can watch some examples of shot feint, twis...

Handball body fake basics

All aspects you have to take care of to do the perfect Body Fake. Based on this you can later on use almost every other Handball Fake.