Lifting From Hips Into Star Shape

category: Key-5-Partner-Lifting

Gymnastics Lifting from hips into star shape Key 5 Partner Lifting Starting situation. A stands upright and face on to B. Hands are placed on the sho...

Dish Shape

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Shape Key 1 Body Conditioning Long sit, bringing arms past the ears, lie back to form the 'dish shape'. Return to long sit.

Squat Lift

category: Key-5-Partner-Lifting

Gymnastics Squat lift Key 5 Partner Lifting Starting situation. A stand upright in front of, and face away from B holding a tense Wide shape. B stand...


category: Key-2-content-Jump-Twists

Gymnastics Jumping Key 2 content Jump & Twists Jumping on the spot 180 Jump (Twice) 360 Jump.

Dish Rolling

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Rolling Key 1 Body Conditioning keep dish tense initiate roll with shoulder twist 'wriggle' roll around hips keep the shapes: dish ar...

Posture And Balance

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Posture and Balance Key 1 Body Conditioning Standing with horizontal arms held to the side. Rise from standing position on to toes.

Through Vault (Progression)

category: Key-3-Through-Vault

Gymnastics Through Vault (Progression) Key 3 Through Vault Standing as far from the box as possible the gymnast dives forward to place hands, a shoul...

Straight Jump From Springboard

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Straight

Gymnastics Straight Jump from Springboard Key 4 Content Trampette Straight From a 4m run take off one foot to land on spring board with both feet tog...

Pike Shape Jump From Trampette.

category: Key-4-Content-Trampette-Pike

Gymnastics Pike Shape Jump from Trampette. Key 4 Content Trampette Pike A fast approach run up. Eyes focus upon the trampette. A long hurdle step.

Web Videos

Georgia all-star gymnastics

For more info on Georgia All-Star Gymnastics check out ga-allstars.com For more information on Downtown Woodstock check out ...



Community Drills

Copy of Preschool Gym Week one

This was the obstacle course set up for week one for training.* Kids start by practing Lunge (arms up by there ears) into hand stand.*Next is cartwhee...

Knew name gameAutosave 46107816

Have the (P) begin the session with a quick ball game that allows me to learn their names and them to learn each others.I lay cones around the room an...

Warm up (10 mins)

Starting with activity to increase HR and Stretches to be conpatible with skill.Push me- Pull me. (Pepsi Max)Forward rolls. (Sausage roll)Backwar...