Key 0 Game/Apparatus

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  • Discuss forwards, backwards and sideways movements.
  • Demo the different movements.
  • Walk backwards slowly, making sure that the child...

    Key 0 Warm-Up

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    Ask children to walk anywhere in the hall and then stop on a signal from the teacher. Then ask the children to use different parts of their feet t...

    Round Off From Bench, Narrow Angle

    category: Key-3-Round-off

    Teach Round Off or Arab Spring (Double leg ‘ Snap Down’ from a Cartwheel Start, to land in Half Squat with Back to Direction of Travel)...

    Web Videos

    #gymnasticshowto: the glide kip

    Many have asked about this particular skill, the Glide Kip. It's a staple that every gymnast will need to master. From tips on strength and conditioni...


    Community Drills

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    warm up - the gymnasts will do 5 running laps of the hall, 2 side skipping, and one walking on toes.

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    Gymnastics warm upTwo footed straight jump over skipping rope-Arms by ears, legs squezzed together. Seat drops- hand next to legs when landing.&n...

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    Different pulse raising exercises in a cross shape.running high kneesbum kicksskipping high kneesside steps facing outwardsside steps facing inwa...


    Run around in a circle and do the following: High Knees Bum Kicks Side steps Skipping Jumping 5 burpees 5 star jumps Interchange between movements -...