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Best way for son to get more involved in matches

At home he is very good at everything but he doesn't get involved as much when matches are on. Is there any way of coaxing him to shoot and do what he does at home?

Well training and playing matches are very different things as your aware. Lots of coaches especially in Ireland coach in a very non expressive way and do not allow players to express themselves what i mean by this is your see loads of coaches already with kids aged 7-8-9 to play in certain positions, and not allowing them to roam and free play. Therefore pigeon holing players to positions way before they should and stopping the learning. This then translates to games where again most coaches will talk the kids through the game and stifle players expressive nature even more forcing defenders to stay in defence forwards to stay forward so often not involved in play when the ball is in the different phases. if you want your son to get more involved move him around the pitch play him in different positions not just as a forward allow him the freedom to play many rolls and learn different aspects of the game.

how old is your son ??

He is seven years old. he plays in midfield and defence also but he hates the limelight it seems as he wont try and score. If he was clean through he would always wait and pass it etc and he will rip the net at home with some of his shots etc. Could be a confidence issue, if so how would i coax him out of it etc


It does sound very much more like a confidence and a lack of wanting to take responsibility maybe through fear of making mistakes ???

I think coaching him about decisions and decision making. Teach him that there are times when its right to try to make a pass even if the pass does not make it to its destination and likewise its right to try and shot in other situations even if he misses.

I think trying to teach him that mistakes are good and that we learn a lot from making the mistakes we make, and that making mistakes is all part of the game. Dont be hard on him for missing or making a mistake and yes coax him a little try and build positives from the things he does wrong or the mistakes he makes.

All these things are part and parcel of trying to enforce in him a confidence to try and do things he might not be 100% comfortable with.

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  • search our library of 500+ football drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
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