Rounders Drill Demonstration

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Set up in 2's with 1 bat and ball.

Player B must stand opposite to player A, so that they can see the end of the bat when the batters arm is fully outstretched.

The aim of the game is for player A to hit the ball into space, and both players race to retrieve the ball first.

Player B is in charge of the drill. They shout "CLEAR". On hearing this call player A self feeds the ball and hits it safely into space.

Whoever reaches the ball first is the next player to hit the ball.

If you get to the ball 3 times in a row you win a point.

Coaching points

Encourage dynamic running from both players following the hit.

Ensure the player hitting the ball watches the ball on to the bat for a clean hit.


Make sure the non-hitting player is ready before the ball is hit. The batting player can only hit the ball once the non-hitting player has shouted "clear".

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