Handball Drill Demonstration


This is a game which requires two teams of 4 (in the diagram two games are being played simultaneously).

Two teams of three play inside the area, with one player from each team on the outside.

The teams inside should pass around so that everybody inside the area touches the ball at least once.

Once everyone on a team has touched the ball they should then try to pass to the player outside the area. If they do this they score 1 point. If they receive the return pass from the player they receive another 1 point.

Coaching points

If the ball is intercepted/dropped players must start again.

Rotate the player on the outside regularly.


The 'spare' player outside the grid may now go around the area.

Every player must have had the ball 2,3,4 times before passing to the player outside.

Players inside the grid must complete a set number of passes before receiving the return pass.

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